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  • $70.50
    SKU: BW1001

    P10 Bubblewrap 10mm Standard – 1500mm x 100m

  • $90.00
    SKU: DISP07

    Dispenser Heavy Duty for 13mm,16mm & 19mm Ribbon Wound Steel Strap. Made in Australia

  • $32.00
    SKU: SEAL003

    Seal SO 34 for 19mm Steel Strap. “Australian Made”. Snap On. 1000 per carton

  • $2.00
    SKU: STEEL003


    We WILL beat your current price!

    Call our office for price on Bulk Order of a skid or more.

    Steel Strap Ribbon Wound 19mm x 0.56mm. “Australian Made”

    Unlike some imported strap that has breaks in the coil there are No Breaks in our coils of strap.

    It also has rolled edges so reduces cuts and scratches while using the strap.

    It is sold by the kilogram and each order is weighed so you only pay for what you get.

    Compare that to others who sell it by the coil. Some coils can be smaller and would have less strap

    16 kgs per coil approx

    19mm Ribbon Wound Steel Strap Specification Sheet

  • $14.80
    SKU: SW0031


    We WILL beat what you are currently paying

    Our very own Stretchwrap. Imported from Malaysia. High quality. High Strength.

    3.7kg per roll. Compare that to what you use now.

    Call for a Price for 40 rolls or more.

    Stretchwrap Premium Hand Cast 23um x 500mm x 350m. Clear. 4 Rolls per carton.

    Single rolls only sold over counter.

  • $44.00
    SKU: SW0111

    Stretchwrap Machine use Premium 23um x 500mm Cast Clear.

    Call our office for price on Bulk order.

Showing all 6 results